Having a year of experience in Vue.js but not React, I had the impression of coming out of a 3-day training in React with a level even higher than Vue.js.

Very good coach, ease of expression, understanding, and explanation. Can adapt to any level of experience. He is very sociable and we had a good time, with the class, outside working hours. I highly recommend, the best trainer I have ever seen.

Antony is a very knowledgeable mentor, especially in regards to React and it’s ecosystem showing great capacity of clearly presenting important technical aspects while also making then easy to understand. He managed to keep the course interesting even for people who already had experience in the area. I would recommend him without hesitation.

I had Antony as a teacher in a course on React JS and Redux and I have to say that he proved to be a very prepared, available, and precise teacher. His skill was not only to introduce me easily to the topics of the course, but above all to explain and illustrate the best practices and the correct mental approaches to address the issue in question.

Excellent professional and above all, a wonderful person. I would love to work with him in the future.

Antony was my teacher in a course related to React and its ecosystem. Right from the start you can see the level of preparation and the passion he puts into what it does. But even more important is his ability to explain in a simple and straightforward way also concepts, methodologies, and best practices that are all but simple and straightforward. Always friendly and helpful, he also makes sure that each of his students understands and can therefore put into practice what has been explained. I can only wish to “work” with him again.

I had Antony as a lecturer in a course on React JS.

Exceptional professional, with a charge and dynamism out of the ordinary.

Passionate and competent, always looking for new technologies to know and transmit.

I followed a programming course with web frameworks held by Anthony. The energy and passion he transmits are incredible! The thing that amazed me the most is his fantastic ability to solve problems: when there was something wrong, and you asked for his help, in a blink of an eye you knew what error you had done and above all why. If you have the opportunity to go and follow his course, you will not regret it!

Antony's teaching methods are so well done, so fast paced, so rich of details! Having him as my teacher was an honor. He doesn't let anyone stay behind. He explains certain concepts so well that you cannot help not seeing them everywhere on well made Web Applications. He's highly energic, he has a rich package of knowledge about a lot of frameworks and technologies for web development. He knows a lot about mostly everything web related : frameworks, Design Patterns, MVC, unit testing, Integration Testing, Test Driven Development.. I was sometimes amazed about how someone can know so much. Thanks to Antony and the very well done course of Angular, Spring, Hibernate and the rich informations he has given me i was able to get a job in the web developing field. Thank you Antony!

Antony is an energetic, active, highly skilled developer, with a desire to teach and learn, search for new technologies and share them. These are the qualities that he was trying to “grow” on us during the “Programming course with java and javascript frameworks for the web”. Italian is not my mother tongue, but Antony was able to teach so that the language difference was not a problem.

Your enthusiasm is contagious. Thank you for all the knowledge you “threw” at us - it was hard but useful! I wish you only interesting projects that bring money and satisfaction :).

I think that people with so much talent and passion for teaching and programming are very rare.

Highly updated on the latest news in software development, he transmitted his passion with a very high level of challenge making all his lessons extremely interesting from all points of view (and this means that his lessons were fun and interesting not only as trivial notions just to get hired in a company). He was also always available to clarify doubts of any kind, with reviews, clarifications, corrections of exercises; but always leaving time for individual reasoning.

If at university I had already created a webapp with MVC pattern, with Antony I could do the same thing using AngularJS client-side and Spring / Hibernate server-side, so I could appreciate all the advantages derived from using advanced Frameworks.

But Antony did not just present these frameworks superficially. He has always focused on the latest and most interesting features offered by the various frameworks (eg components and Promises in AngularJS), making comparisons with features of other equally known frameworks that were not in the course program (example React vs. AngularJS), with an always attentive look on the news of the future (ECMAScript 6).

Obviously I could not even write half the topics that were treated.

I think that following a course was a rare opportunity.

I have attended many courses of specialization and I can say with absolute certainty that I have never met a better teacher than Antony.

His absolute professionalism and the passion he transmitted during the lessons transformed a complex subject into an elementary study.

Antony was the teacher of the advanced Java course organized by my company. Very prepared and available. The passion for programming and the “search for perfect software architecture” is sincere and contagious.