How Much

What an indelicate question. Well, of course our answer will be: it depends. There are lots of factors involved, including the client, the project, the working conditions, the country, and many more. We can't just throw a number and that's it.

The price for an Inglorious service ranges from €0 to €2000 a day. Yes, even zero! But unless you can provide something valuable in exchange, or you are an endangered species, it will be higher than that.

So, how much? Well, think about the highest fare you are able to pay. Now think about the highest fare you are willing to pay. Ok, now find the mean and then add some more. That's the price.

It's not a joke, and it's actually quite reasonable if you think about it:


As you may have understood already, the Inglorious way is all about crafting beautiful solutions for your problem.

If you want a standard solution you can ask a standard consultant. If instead you dream big and want your project to rock, then you found the right people for the job.

One-Man Army

When you hire an Inglorious Coder, you're actually hiring an entire team of professionals all in one. The project will be delivered in half of the time and hassle-free.

So instead of hiring an architect for, say, 100 and a developer for 80, you just need to hire an IC for 150 and you're good to go. See how cheap it is?


A high fare allows us to work less. And when we work less we can spend the rest of our time in improving ourselves. We train to be better teachers, we practice to be better coders, we volunteer to be better humans.

Less Is More

If you think you'll have to pay all that money for six months of work, don't be afraid: experience taught us that you will need us for much less thant six months, at the end of which you will have a stable, durable and maintainable piece of software.

On the other hand, you know how they say: you buy cheap, you buy twice. Too many clients already bought cheap before turning to us, don't be one of them.

60% Off

Since the Italian Revenue Service keeps more than half of a business' income, and since we will never accept off-books payment, fares must necessarily be kept pretty high.

Some IT consultants take measures by accepting any job at any price, and then trying to sell a poor service for that price. We break this pattern by accepting only certain jobs and then deserving the high fare we propose for them.

Because We Can

We don't do it for the money, we do it for the lulz. That's why the price will never be mandated by the client. It will be agreed upon both parts and it will be the right price — no more, no less.

Also remember that you can choose to hire us for a limited time and opt-out whenever you want. We are here to help, not to put your business on your knees. We will provide maximum flexibility and understanding if needed.