He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.

Saint Francis of Assisi

Much more important than what we do is how we do it.

An Inglorious Coder to be defined as such must conform to a series of parameters. Fortunately, these criteria are quite relatable to most people, but those who want to call themselves IC's have to demonstrate that they not only agree with them, but apply them in everyday life.

If you agree with all these points, apply them daily, or you're just curious on how we work then feel free to contact us. We would love you to join the Movement!

Lone Wolf

An IC is autonomous, works without depending on anyone and does not wait for orders or instructions. They are reliable: when left alone with a problem, they always return a solution.

Pack Animal

The skills of an IC are not counterbalanced by their sociopathy. An Inglorious Coder is communicative: they know how to speak English as well as machine language, they know how to assert their opinions, they know how to transmit knowledge.


In a fast-paced market such as IT, one must always be a few steps ahead of the demand. An IC is far-sighted, and plans the current solution not only to contain but to attack the future.

Crazy Dog

Dear old Steve Jobs quoted it many times: if you are not hungry and foolish you won't make a difference. An IC is passionate about their work, they make it an art and put all their creativity in it.


We leave the modesty to the mediocre. An Inglorious Coder knows their strengths and does not hide them, rather they use them as an integral part of their arsenal.


An IC does not complain, they perform. They turn frustration into automation, lack of knowledge into self-training, constant change into abstractions. Along with their strengths an Inglorious Coder knows their weaknesses and tries to overcome them, with all the support possible from more skilled people.

Lightning Fast

As a good hacker an Inglorious Coder learns and acts fast: they quickly find the most relevant information and applies it to the context.


Fast but without haste, an Inglorious Coder does not feel performance anxiety and manages to make the right decisions at the right time.


An IC is result-oriented, and goes straight towards the goal even at the cost of going against unnecessary rules, bureaucracy, documentation, meetings, planning. Everything that acts as a barrier to their freedom of expression is immediately bypassed.


Freedom must have a limit, and this limitation is legality and ethics. An Inglorious Coder does not look for easy money, does not evade tax, does not deceit anybody. They are absolutely transparent to anyone, law-abiding, and honest to the bone.


The speed of execution must never be to the detriment of accuracy. An Inglorious Coder writes code that is clean, readable, standards-compliant, well tested, and easy to debug.


The impossible triangle $ldquo;Fast, Good, Cheap” has a solution, and it is “Simplicity”. An IC reduces any complex problem to a simple solution and then refactors it continuously to make it even simpler, because they know that a simple code is of higher quality than complex code, is faster to implement and cheaper to maintain on the long run.


An Inglorious Coder does not compromise. They do not submit to the most fashionable but less suitable technology, they do not perceive sums in black, they do not give up on quality and passion. Money is not the primary goal, it is a side effect of a well done job.


Inflexible in some cases, but completely flexible on others, an IC knows that in any kind of selection those who adapt better will survive. That's why they are able to fully understand and take care of a problem as if it were theirs; they accept insuperable limits and get the most profit possible from the situation; they embrace change and use it as a weapon in their favour.