Inglorious Coderz is a software house based in Turin and also a small community with members spread all over Europe.

Currently Inglorious Coderz as a firm is a one-man army, which means there's only one person behind everything. It's-a me, Matteo Antony! You can consider me as a freelance, but I'm planning to expand myself soon.

So, instead of the people, let's focus on the roles for now. You can hire me for different kinds of activities with different degrees of involvement. Of course I can wear multiple hats at the same time, but you will pay for just one guy! How cool is that?

Software House

As a software house I will take care of your problem from remote. You will have constant updates and be asked for constant feedback.

I'll be putting the gun on your hand: the source code and every credential needed to access the service I'm building for you will be yours from day 1. This way you can get rid of me as soon as you like.

IT Consultant

As an IT consultant I'll be working phisically alongside with your team. This is the best solution if you want to monitor my work closely or simply prefer to keep the know-how in-house.

There's a limit to this: I'm less likely to accept projects that last months, or will ask for a higher fee. It prevents me to do anything else. But experience taught me that you never need me for more than one or two months.

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Tech Lead

As a tech lead of your team, or temporary CTO of your business, I will define the architecture, the technology stack, and the best practices to follow on your project. Then I will guide your team through pair programming and make them grow until they will be able to go on their own.

After this initial phase we can have periodic sessions of coaching if you feel the need, in order to keep the project on the right track.

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As a mentor I will keep focus and motivation in your team. I will be the authoritative figure that rules in the disputes and gives the right hints for your team to follow the right path.

Remember that developing people is as important, or even more, than developing software. Do not underestimate the utility of a good coach.

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As a teacher I will share my knowledge on the technology you require through a step-by-step practical exercise on a real-life application, backed by deep theoretical concepts about software engineering.

Your team will be able to understand what to do, how to do it and why it should be done like that.

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Project Manager

As a project manager I will keep track of the project's progress, enforce an Agile process, and make sure that every stakeholder is happy.

I will keep the pace fast but without haste, ease communication among the team, give constant feedback to the client. It's not just about updating Gantt diagrams, you know?