In telling my experience as a colleague of Antony I think it is not necessary to list his skills and technical knowledge: this has already been done by others and is evident from his brilliant results. I will talk about the human factor that distinguishes him from all the people that I met in my career.

First of all I would like to emphasize that in every work, from the simple cleaning of style sheets to a more complex architectural study of a software, he puts a great enthusiasm, which then succeeds in instilling into his colleagues, maybe turning a mediocre day into a an awesome one. This is an immense value for a company, because if you are lucky enough to work with him, not only will you have a brilliant and super-prepared developer, but you will have one that will do an excellent job and get others to do it better.

He is the leader that everyone wants to have, because as mentioned before Antony is always ready to motivate his colleagues and in addition to this he will be able to better organize the work of the team, subdividing into tasks based on the ability and level of people he will deal with.

Working with him I often found myself facing non-trivial problems with technologies never seen before that I could face brilliantly and smoothly, because one of his characteristics is to always help the elements of his group by pausing whatever he's doing and giving them his time.

He is a very creative mind and like all minds of that kind it is important to continually provide him with a strong stimulus and great challenges. Do it without being afraid of overloading him, also because I have never seen him tired, while I sometimes see him bored!

In summary, Antony is an extremely knowledgeable software engineer with excellent leadership skills, able to spur the elements of his team and teach them everything they need and more.

If your software is hard to take off, he is the pilot for you!

Antony was my tech lead during the working period at Seat PG. The experience in his group was the most formative and rewarding, his technical ability is surpassed only by the incessant desire to involve and teach, a true example of technical leader. He was able to introduce me to a world that was still partially obscure to me, making me a passionate. Even today his method, the momentum towards experimentation, but with absolute precision in following best practices and clean code, is the basis of all my work and my teaching towards my collaborators.

Antony is a very competent person in his job and with excellent interpersonal and resource management skills. Collaborating with him in the Mobile Front End group in SeatPG is a continuous challenge in pursuit of innovation and a performing code, with an eye for an Agile job.

Valerio Ferrero, Senior Software Developer focused on wearable solutions for field operations