It is UNIX time 1626704841, the Age of Information. Everything is connected, everything sends and receives data.

Humans are overwhelmed by superficial information and are losing any deep thought, any interest in knowledge. Ensnared by consumerism, they are becoming mere purchasers.

On the other hand machines are evolving rapidly, gaining a role in society that's more and more relevant. They are replacing us in every aspect of life, sometimes performing much better than humans even on tasks that we thought required human interaction.

No one knows if machines will take us over completely, when will it happen, and what consequences will it have. Maybe we will witness the realization of a utopia in which humans will have nothing to do but enjoy life. Meanwhile, however, people are losing their jobs and starting to feel useless.

There is only one thing that we humans can still do better than machines: being human. We feel compassion, we care for others, we love what we do. In this industrial, globalized, low-cost society we still appreciate the value of good craftsmanship.

This is Inglorious Coderz: we strongly believe in good software made by good people for good clients. We find a solution because we care for your problem. We guide you to the solution because we care for you. We build the best solution because we care for us.