In every phase of your business' lifecycle, Inglorious Coderz is there to be your perfect tech ally.


An awesome idea is the starting point for your business, but then you have to build the real thing. That's when you realize you're really putting your future in someone else's hands. Just make sure the person you're relying on is able to develop a robust foundation for your product.

Inglorious Coderz can help in many ways, from assessing your CTO's skills to mentoring your devs, or even taking on the role of your first CTO.

Small Businesses

As a small business you know you need an online presence. Also, do you find yourself wasting too much time doing small tasks by hand every day? That's a hint that you need some automation in your work life.

Inglorious Coderz can provide you solutions built from scratch so that they are tailored to your needs and yours only. Websites are blazingly fast because they do not rely on some Wordpress, and have a unique design because they are not built from templates. Management software, mobile apps and web applications do exactly what you needed, but better.

Big Companies

Being in the industry for a while, you already know how IT consulting works: you pay for a senior and you get a junior that lied on their CV. Wouldn't it be better to employ people and keep the know-how in-house? Definitely. But then, who is going to train them? Who is going to give them best practices and standards to follow? Who is going to address those hard problems that they cannot solve?

The answer to all three is: Inglorious Coderz.