Antony is a great human being to start with. He is an apt person to be titled as a mentor for he has the perfect sense of understanding of both the person as well as the idea that is being communicated to him and this understanding is evident in his evaluation of the idea's which is absolutely exceptional. In particular to my case, he was also kind enough to promote my idea to the concerned CEO who was present there at that time so that I could get more exposure for my idea. He is absolutely a great person to work with and a great mentor in whom one could rely for so as to develop a sound solution with a sense of innovation and pragmatism.

Titto Ephraim Matthew, MSc Aerospace / Aviation / Entrepreneur / Innovator / Strategy / Business Developer / Leadership

Brilliant coach, he exposes complex concepts with simplicity and effectiveness. Putting in passion in the subject he transmits seriousness and enthusiasm, available for confrontation and responsive to requests for further information.

Surely for a company it is an added value out of the ordinary.