The name “Inglorious Coderz” also stands for a community of code enthusiasts who used to meet every Sunday to experiment with the latest technologies, apply them to interesting projects and share know-how, internally or to the world, contributing to open source projects or holding high-tech talks in dedicated events.

Nowadays we hardly meet live because of everyone's commitments and geographical dislocation, but there is still a thriving Slack workspace in which we perform various activities:

  • We share interesting links and documentation;
  • We help each other solving problems;
  • We share ideas for some new project or startup company;
  • We share interesting job offers;
  • We have fun and joke around.

The community can also act as a pool of professionals to draw on to expand the company. This is why not everyone is admitted: only those who show a particular interest and affinity with the values of Inglorious Coderz are invited to participate. If you are one of those, drop an email here.